SEEDS CYCLING ---------------------------


Amended 2011


Seeds was set up to promote cycling, and to make each ride open and enjoyable for all, regardless of ability, dress code and personality.

The fact we can get out and ride a bike, and leave behind work worries, troubles at home, is something all members at the club rely and look forward to. It has always been a time to escape, have a laugh and achieve personal goals.

To this end all external problems and issues, personal dislikes, pre judgements on other riders abilities, should be left at home and should never be brought to the club. We are here to ride, and to encourage all other members to enjoy their cycling, not to put them off.. Our aim is to grow our family of riders. No individuals at the Club should feel under pressure to perform, but be able to enjoy their own ride, for their own reason, within the guidelines of the Club rides

If any issues related to the cycling club do come up, we expect these to be private and shared in confidence with Senior Club officials. We do not want anyone to share their concerns or try to influence any other Club members.

This action causes disruption and unrest in the Club.

We will not tolerate any further disruption at the club, offenders will be asked to leave.

Open decisions.

Any future decisions on major rides and club publicity, will be disclosed to all members if practical to do so, so that everyone has a clear understanding on what is being planned, and can have the opportunity to have their say, hopefully eliminating the spread of miss information.


We will also adhere to the British Cycling Code of Conduct.

And have full backing of BC if anybody breaks these rules.



1. Annual subscription fees for existing members become payable on the 1st November each year. Any new members joining after 1st June, will pay a reduced fee of 60% of the current yearly subscription. (i.e. £25 reduced to £12.)

2. Any existing member who has not paid the Annual subscription within 2 months of the renewal date, will be deemed to have resigned their membership.

3. When riding on Club runs, riders should:- obey the highway code, ride in a safe manner which does not endanger other riders or road users.

4. Members should wear club kit, on designated “kit day” rides, and when competing under the clubs’ name.

5. On club rides, it is everyone’s responsibility to look out for each other, and to make sure nobody gets left behind.

6. For any ride to be deemed a club ride, it must have a designated leader approved by the club.

7. In the event the ride leader deems that due to bad weather or road conditions it is not safe to ride, the club ride will be cancelled. Please check with ride leader to confirm.

In the absence of a group leader or nominated group leader, the club ride will be cancelled. Any informal ride will not be covered by the club.

8. It is the responsibility of every member to make sure their cycle is in good repair and safe to ride on the road. Always make sure you carry tools and tubes.

9. You must wear an approved cycle helmet, and advised to wear suitable cycle clothing for all weather conditions.

10. Any member who turns up for a club ride with an apparent faulty bike or inappropriate clothing, may be asked not to ride.

Amendment to Membership

Junior membership over 14 and under 16 years old, free membership, (must be accompanied by parent on all road rides).

16 to 18 years old. Half price membership